CEIBS MBA Career Workshop - Shenzhen 2021.10.23

2021-10-13 14:33:26 中欧国际工商学院


2021-10-23 14:00:00 - 2021-10-23 17:00:00



About the workshop

Curious to know how MBA students can rebuild their CVs over the course of the 16 month, full time, programme at CEIBS to transform their careers? To give you a taster of one of the many resources that empower our students to achieve their goals, we welcome you to join our practical, and interactive, workshop in Shenzhen. Following the workshop, we will invite several local MBA alumni to share their journeys at CEIBS and beyond in a live Q&A panel discussion.

Participants can expect to gain a deeper understanding of career planning, strategies for short and long-term development, as well as personal insights from local alumni on how to maximize your chances of pursuing your dream career.

Alumni Panel

Rhoda Hu, MBA 2009

Founding Partner of Dingxin Capital


ZhiCheng Guo, MBA 2018

Vice general manager (Leasing Center), Shenzhen Yitian Tourism Commercial Group


Mike Keim, MBA 2020

Senior Investments & Partnerships Specialist, NetEase 

Joanne Gao, MBA 2021

Sourcing Manager, Amazon Private Brands 


Date & Time: October 23, 2021 Saturday from 13:30- 17:00

Venue:  TBC
Language: Chinese & English
Contact: Please contact MBA Admissions Office at admissions@ceibs.edu or call at 021-28905555.  You can also add MBA Admissions Office WeChat: CEIBSMBAAdmissions2 for more information.
Registration: Please click below link to register.
(Please note CEIBS reserves the right to any change of this event based on the COVID-19 situation)



13.30-14.00     Registration

14.00-14.15     MBA Programme Introduction

14.15-15.15     Career Workshop

15.15-15.30     Coffee  Break

15.30-16.30     Alumni Panel Sharing

16.30-17.00     Q&A







Rhoda Hu, MBA 2009

鼎心资本 创始合伙人


ZhiCheng Guo, MBA 2018

深圳市益田旅游商业集团(招商中心)  副总经理

Mike Keim, MBA 2020

网易 资深投资与合作

Joanne Gao, MBA 2021

亚马逊(自有品牌) 采购经理



13.30-14.00     签到

14.00-14.15     MBA课程介绍

14.15-15.15     职业发展工作坊

15.15-15.30     茶歇

15.30-16.30     校友分享

16.30-17.00     问答环节


日期: 2021年10月23日 星期六 下午2点至5点 
地点:  根据招生办电话或邮件通知
语言: 英文/中文
联系人:中欧MBA招生办公室 021-28905555, admissions@ceibs.edu 或添加中欧MBA招生办微信 CEIBSMBAAdmissions2
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